Works of St. Louis Guanella

While most all writings of St. Luigi Guanella are in Italian, there are writings that are translated into English. Below are 21 works of Fr. Luigi Guanella.

1. Anthology of all his writings

2. Regulations of the Servants of Charity – 1910

3. Norms for the Houses of the Servants of Charity

4. Circular letters to the Servants of Charity

5. Let us go to the Father

6. Let us go to the Mountain of Happiness

7. The Foundation

8. In the Sacred Time

9. Remembrances of St. Teresa of Avila

10. The Little Poor Man of Christ

11. The Third Order of St. Francis and the Encyclical Letter of Leo XIII

12. The Mountaineer

13. One Hundred Praises…of Bl. Andrew of Peschiera

14. The Ways of Divine Providence

15. Outlines

16. In the Month of Fervor

17. In the Month of Flowers

18. A salute to the Immaculate Mary of Lourdes

19. The Bread of the Soul (Three Volumes)

20. Spirituality for the Guanellian Family

21. The Little Way