As a Priest/Brother/Sister


  • Interest to dedicate one’s life for the call of God.
  • The profound desire to respond to the call of God.
  • Fondness for the poor and needy.
  • competence for prayer, community life, hard work, humility, capacity to endure hardships, aptitude for forgiveness
  • Simplicity, honest, sincerity, transparency and frankness
  • Imbibing and inculcating human and gospel values and maturity.
  • Readiness to abide by the rules and regulations of the congregation.
  • Person of good health.
  • Moral and Catholic Christian family background (Single mother child).
  • Willingness to leave one’s own region and country to dedicate for the universal mission.

Necessary Certificates

  • Baptism and Confirmation certificates.
  • Conduct and Character certificate from the Parish priest and others who may know the candidates well.
  • Certificate of physical fitness from medical centre.
  • Educational Certificate.
  • Parent’s Marriage Certificate.