Guanellian Mission

Guanellian mission is desired for most abandoned people in the society. Guanellian vocation is apostolic in nature, which assimilates the mission of the founder as his/ her own, partaking in the life of Christ and in communion with the entire church.

In the words of our founder “a Christian heart, which believes and is sensitive, cannot witness the needs of the poor without relieving them.” Our founder urges us to be disciples who consecrate themselves to god for the poor. The Guanellian families share a common mission and are jointly responsible according to the richness of the gift received from god.

Guanellian mission is directed to evangelize the poor, to reveal the love of the father, to spread charity, to assist with works of mercy the poor of the gospel, especially the underprivileged children, the aged, the mentally handicapped.

Missionary invitation: “Come and follow me”

Apostolic zeal: I want to be a fiery sword in the holy ministry.

Demands of Guanellian mission: Faith, Charity and Competence


  • Attentive to the signs of time.
  • In collaboration with all people of good will.
  • Building a just world opened to Christ and his gospel
  • Tirelessly working to the coming of the reign of god.
  • Zeal combined with patience and much compassion.
  • Generous in the labors and self giving
  • Following the path of the beatitudes.


Vision: In church we witness God’s fatherly love.

Characteristics of Guanellian mission:

  • Human promotion and a preference for the world of needy and the strategies which allow the Guanellian missionaries to assume the values, hopes and the difficulties of those people with whom they come in contact.
  • Guanellian mission is expressed towards the merciful love. We believe in everything, hope in everything and bear everything.
  • Guanellian mission has no space. The whole world is our home land. Sincere love bears every difficulty.

Traits of Guanellan mission:

  • Total generosity
  • Lively character
  • Hard-working
  • Perseverance
  • Spirit of sacrifice
  • Spirit of self denial
  • More human


Models of Guanellian mission:

  • The compassionate charity of Jesus, the good shepherd.
  • Availability and servant style of the Good Samaritan.

Mission promise: By fulfilling the mission, we find our way of sanctification and merit.